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Straberi is a skincare company passionate about making effective skincare accessible to everyone. Our clinical-grade skincare products are carefully formulated to suit all skin types and are designed to bring out the best in your skin. Everyone deserves healthy and radiant skin. We are committed to using only the best clinically proven ingredients to deliver dramatic results.


Our skincare product is only as good as the brand behind it. Straberi is led by renowned researchers, scientists, and leading physicians. We believe in delivering clean, sustainable products backed by science, not hype.


Our state-of-the-art laboratory operates with careful protection and quality inspection standards to consistently deliver customers effective and safe products and devices.


Straberi aims to provide powerful regenerative anti-aging and skin-clarifying products through evidence-based technologies. Straberi scientists pioneered the use of extracts, vitamins, minerals, and peptides with clean beauty technology in aesthetics and dermatology.


Straberi products are always 100% vicious, cell, paraben, and pathogen-free. Our research team is constantly developing and testing new active ingredients and cutting edge devices to make them work better, ensuring that everything we use is proven and safe for our customers.

Our Products