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Post Care Glow Kit


30 ml

(2 customer reviews)

The body’s natural healing process is the reason why post care is so important for helping your skin improve its appearance after a professional treatment and to help minimize any adverse reactions, so it’s essential to allow your skin to heal after treatment. Straberi’s post care kit is an essential 30 day program which includes cleansing, moisturizing, healing, promoting cell turnover, and of course, protecting skin from sun damage.

Skin Types



Post peel or laser treatment.
Intended for medium and light depth professional treatments for aftercare.


Step 1
Wash with Continuous Glow Cleanser 4 to 24 hours after treatment. Apply a small amount onto wet fingertips and massage gently onto the treated area. Rinse with lukewarm water until clean. Pat dry. Continue to use the Continuous Day Cleanser until its finished. Use day and night.

Step 2
Apply a generous amount of the Post Care Balm. Use your Post Care Balm as much as needed. Do not allow your skin to feel tight or dry.

Step 3
Am only. Apply Protect Your Glow SPF..DO NOT go outside without applying Protect Your Glow SPF, even on a cloudy day.

Step 4
After 7 days use the 24 Hour Glow Cream day and night until finished. Please note: You should use the Post Care Glow Balm on top of the Protect Your Glow SPF during the day. You may discontinue the use of the Post Care Glow Balm on day 7.


2 reviews for Post Care Glow Kit

  1. Peel Lover

    This Post Care Glow Kit saved my skin. I’ve been getting professional peels done for a long time and they usually give you a small amount of post-care leaving me to use my own stuff. Sometimes that causes an adverse reaction. I’m happy that I don’t have to purchase any items I have enough products until my follow-up next month.

  2. Amanda K

    This post care kit has my skin perfect after my Straberi peel. My favorite it the 24 hour glow cream. It has really good stuff inside and helped to further lighten my dark spots. It’s not oily and very moisturizing.

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