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Are you tired of your acne bumps and wired secretions? It’s high time you take action and start using skincare products below 4.0. Let’s find out the details!

Acne has been a foe of around 9.4% of the global population. According to research, 80–90% of people have faced acne before their 21.

Most of these people don’t know what to do with their condition, and they let it linger till it worsens. If you’re also facing this non-so-friendly acne foe and trying hard to combat it, Straberi is here to make wise skincare decisions for your acne skin!

Why is My Acne Not Getting Better?

The beauty market has grown explicitly in the past years. With the diverse range of products, people may aim to pick the most popular, affordable, or visually attractive ones without knowing their details, such as unidentified pH levels.

Unlike them, Straberi has noted every ingredient detail and pH level on the products for the ultimate understanding.

Understanding the pH Level of Skin

Let’s start with the basic pH knowledge;

  • 0-7 is Acidic
  • 7-14 is Alkaline

According to research, 4.5–6.0 is the skin’s normal and healthy pH balance. Alkaline skin generally has more acne issues. Using facial cleansers or other skin care products above 7 (alkaline) will make your skin more sensitive and prone to severe acne. It would be best if you use acidic products.

Straberi Skincare below 4.0 pH

Acid wards off harmful bacteria and protects your skin. You might know that our skin is covered in a naturally acidic mantle made from the natural oily secretions from your skin pores known as sebum. It keeps your skin hydrated and free from all toxins and bacteria. However, when that acidic mental gets destroyed, your skin becomes vulnerable to infections and acne.

Your acne skin means your acidic mantle has been disturbed. To restore the pH level balance and battle those bumps, choose acidic skincare products with pH levels below 4.0. For oil skin that feels dehydrated should use Straberi’s CONTINUOUS GLOW CLEANSER & ULTRA GLOW TONIC. Those whose acne skin is a lot more on the oily side should use Straberi’s NIACINAMIDE FREE RADICAL CLEANSER & ANTI-BAC HYBRID TONIC. 

Straberi will help your skin remake that acidic mental protective layer back on your skin.  Acne may disappear if your pH falls below 6; acidic products will prevent skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.