Chemical peels

Straberi professional peel kits come with everything you need to safely administer in the comfort of your home. Formulated for all skin types, and are best suited for moderate skin problems like acne breakouts, scarring, clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and troublesome discoloration, like melasma, post-acne scaring sun damage or age spots. Our online guided aesthetic options are just as effective as getting it done by one of our licensed professionals.“It’s that simple”


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Safely administer guided treatment

Medium depth intense peeling
Lightens Hyperpigmentation
Controls Acne

Moderate peeling
Lightens hyperpigmentation
Control acne

Moderate peeling
Lightens & Brightens
Improves Acne Conditions

Light peeling
Smoothes skin texture
Unclog Pores

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