What's A Straberi Facial?

The Mechanical stimulation of tiny microcrystalline coated needles combined with the biological effects and thermal stimulation of radio frequency, selectively destroys the hair follicles, oil and sweat glands, activates collagen and boosts your “skin’s” own repair system. Insulated microcrystal needles are specially designed to avoid damaging the skin. No thermal damage is done the surface of your skin, only mild redness that resembles a *Straberi. Finally you can combat acne, shrink large pores, and rejuvenate collagen production resulting in more firm, smooth, clear skin.


With one treatment, watch ace disappear, pore size string, and natural skin metabolizing process take effect.


Destroy Acne, Shrink Large Pore and Banish Unwanted pigmentation, Wake up Collagen, & Unveil the skin you always wanted. Unlike other needling systems. Our suction feature partly separates the layers, holds the skin taut, and adds another level of precision and comfort. No damage caused to the surface of the skin, unlike many traditional needling handheld devices. The Radio Frequency is sent to the crystalized tip of the tiny needles that selectively. Weakens hair follicles
»Destroys oil
»Weakens sweat glands,
»Activates collagen
»Boosts your “skin’s” own repair system.


Needling addresses many common concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, and uneven skin texture. These versatile treatments benefit the skin in a variety of ways such as:
»Improving elasticity
»Increasing firmness
»Softening fine lines and wrinkle
»Repairing acne scars
»Minimizing pore size
»Reducing excess pigmentation

What are Boosters?

Just when you think it couldn’t get better. We have developed 4 treatment boosters that can accelerate the repair and reconstruction process. With years of treatment roomresearch, our product developers only have one 1 idea in mind; Develop a peeling system that’s safe for all skin types and customizable for your own unique condition.