Even though Retinol has some skin benefits, but what’s the point if it has so many side effects?

Today we will introduce you to a great alternative to Retinol – Oligopeptide-34. This magic ingredient offers all the benefits of Retinols, just minus the side effects! Let’s say goodbye to Retinol and welcome Oligopeptide-34 into our everyday skincare routines.

Keep reading to find out more about Oligopeptide-34!

What is Oligopeptide-34?

Oligopeptide-34 is a protein molecule consisting of 13 amino acids that decrease melanin synthesis while enhancing skin glow and hydration. It also delivers anti-aging properties by targeting keratinocyte cells that aid skin rejuvenation. [1]

Oligopeptide 34 Vs. Retinol:

Retinol does offer some amazing skin benefits but at the expense of your skin health. Retinol offers side effects like dry skin, inflammation, irritation, redness, and increased UV sensitivity. Oligopeptide 34 works wonders for sensitive and all other types of skin. It is much gentler and poses no harmful effects on skin like Retinol.

Safety Comparison:

Oligopeptide-34 is considered the safest on the EWG Skin Deep with a score of 1 – meaning highly safe. On the other hand, Retinol scores 9 in terms of safety, which is near to worst for the skin.

Side Effects of Retinol:

Incorrect usage of Retinol can also increase skin sensitivity to UV radiation and increases the chance of skin cancer. If not used properly, it can also exacerbate acne, skin flaking, and redness. [2]

Benefits of Oligopeptide For Skin:

Peptides are generally a part of the human body; hence, including them in your skincare routine does not pose detrimental skin effects.

Research has shown that oligopeptides for skin benefit hyperpigmentation disorder, tyrosinase inhibition, and collagen synthesis. It aids in the modulation of collagen, elastin, and melanin synthesis. [3]

Oligopeptide 34 is less invasive than Retinol while encompassing all skin benefits like anti-aging, reduced melanocyte production, glowy skin, enhanced UV protection, reduced hyperpigmentation, and increased hydration. [4]

Using Oligopeptide-34 rich moisturizer like Straberi Niacinamide + Oligopeptide Rich Moisturizer regularly can improve skin health and complexion and give you a brighter and rejuvenated skin minus the side effects of Retinol!

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